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Team Beta Biography

This page provides a brief information about each member in the Beta Team that is our interests, hobbies, and more.

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Beta Team Leader: Rei Lee

Rei Lee
Brief Bio
Schooling: Sacramento City College
I am taking this course because it is part of the Management Information Science Major. In addition, I love computer technology, creating web sites, and layouts.
Major: Management Information Science & Graphic Communication
Music: I like Euro-rock and club mixes, International Pop music and R&B, and I enjoy listening to American Pop and alternative music.
Book: I love reading Japanese Manga book; they are consider
as comic books in America, but with more
volumes and chapters.
Occupation: I am currently working as a Student Assistant File Clerk at the Department of Motor Vehicles of Occupational Licensing. Also, I am working as Substitute HeadStart Teacher.
General Interests
I like to make little gifts items and jewelry and sell them. For my free time I am always thinking of ways to make more money with the things I enjoy. I have an interest in drawing and recreating characters using computer graphic programs. Also, I enjoy writing poetry and fictional stories. I am also a gamer, I enjoy playing games on the PS2 console and handheld games. Most of my hobbies consists of designing and developing new items.

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Beta Team Member: Andrew Payton

Andrew Payton
Brief Bio
Schooling: Sacramento City College
Enrolled CISCH310... I want to get to know everything about a computer. I figured, since I have a computer I could learn about what I can do with it. Before this class, I knew how to browse the Internet and typing.
Major: I have yet to decide what I want to major in so right now I'm taking classes in subjects that interest me. I'm really leaning towards majoring in a computer related degree because so far out of all the classes.
Music: I enjoy listening to music.
Book: No current book.
Occupation: I am currently a student at Sacramento City College.
Hobbies/General Interests I'm taking this class and all of the content related has my attention. Besides my interests at school, I enjoy watching my TV shows and listening to music.

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Beta Team Member: Matthew Mason

Matthew Mason
Brief Bio
Schooling: Sacramento City College
Enrolled CISCH310... I'm back in school after 10 years (I earned a degree in History from UC Davis in 1997) in order to acquire new skills that will help me get new job opportunities. I also just enjoy working on computers at home and would like to increase my technical knowledge in this area.
Major: ...
Music: My favorite kinds of music are rock and roll, country and blues.
Book: No current book.
Occupation: I have had many different jobs in the past, including line cook, record store clerk, and warehouse supervisor. Right now I work for a small company that distributes clothing to stores and people who order from the Internet.
Hobbies/General Interests I grew up in Davis but I have lived in Sacramento for a while. I have 4 sisters and a brother, and many nieces and nephews. I live with my girlfriend and her 9 year old daughter. One of my main passions in life is music. I have been playing music since I was a teenager. I play the drums and the guitar. I also love collecting records (or cds, or digital files these days.) I also love to cook, so I do most of the cooking at the house and my specialty is cooking on the grill. I also love baseball and football, and I am a devoted follower of the SF Giants and 49ers. I also like to play computer games when I have time.

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Beta Team Member: Vernetta Benjamin

Vernetta Benjamin
Brief Bio
Schooling: Sacramento City College
Enrolled CISCH310... ...
Major: ...
Music: Patti Labelle-musician
Book: I like to read novels before I go to sleep. Good Women Blues&When Love Call You Better Answer.
Occupation: Iím employed as an Administrative Clerk at Heath Net which provides medical insurance.
Hobbies/General Interests On my leisure time I like to shop, cook, and play softball. Although I have no children being able to be a big sister to foster children has become a role in my life. Softball is one of my many interests.

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