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Security Specialists

A Security Specialists
· Analyzes a computer system's vulnerabilty to threats from viruses, worms, unauthorized access, and physical damage.
· Security specialists install and configure firewalls and antivirus software.
· Work with management and employees to develop policies and procedures to protect computer equipment and data.
· Computer security is punctuated by "crises" when a virus hits or a security breach is discovered.
· A security specialist must have wide-ranging knowledge of computers as well as communications protocols that can be applied for a quick resolution to any crisis that occurs.

· What Is This Job Like?
· How Do You Get Ready?
· How Much Does This Job Pay?
· How Many Jobs Are There?
· What About The Future?

What Is This Job Like?

Computer security specialists may plan, coordinate, and implement the organization’s information security. These workers may be called upon to educate users about computer security, install security software, monitor the network for security breaches, respond to cyber attacks, and, in some cases, gather data and evidence to be used in prosecuting cyber crime. The responsibilities of computer security specialists has increased in recent years as there has been a large increase in the number of cyber attacks on data and networks. This and other growing specialty occupations reflect an increasing emphasis on client-server applications, the expansion of Internet and intranet applications, and the demand for more end-user support.

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How Do You Get Ready?

A number of companies are becoming more flexible about requiring a college degree for support positions. However, certification and practical experience demonstrating these skills will be essential for applicants without a degree. The completion of a certification training program, offered by a variety of vendors and product makers, may help some people to qualify for entry-level positions. Relevant computer experience may substitute for formal education.

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How Much Does This Job Pay?

The median salary in California for a job in Computer Security Specialist is $79,230 for 2007. This highest median salary by state is District of Colombia: $85,221 for 2007.
Median Salary by Employer Type - Job: Computer Security Specialist (United States)
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Median Salary by State or Province - Job: Computer Security Specialist (United States)
Median Salary by State or ProvincePayScale Salary Calculator
Median Salary by Years Experience - Job: Computer Security Specialist (United States)
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How Many Jobs Are There?

Approximately 518,000 were computer support specialists.

Although they worked in a wide range of industries, about 23 percent of all computer support specialists and systems administrators were employed in professional, scientific, and technical services industries, principally computer systems design and related services.

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What About The Future?

Companies are looking for workers who are knowledgeable about the function and administration of networks. Such employees have become increasingly hard to find as systems administration has moved from being a separate function within corporations to one that forms a crucial element of business in an increasingly high-technology economy. Also, demand for computer security specialists will grow as businesses and government continue to invest heavily in “cyber security,” protecting vital computer networks and electronic infrastructures from attack. The information security field is expected to generate many opportunities over the next decade as firms across all industries place a high priority on safeguarding their data and systems.

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